CO2 Cylinder 25 Litre / 15.0kg Welding Gas

CO2 20 Litre Cylinder

CO2 Cylinder 25 Litre / 15.0kg Welding Gas

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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the most common of the reactive gases used in MIG welding and the only one that can be used in its pure form without the addition of an inert gas. CO2 is also the least expensive of the common shielding gases, making a popular choice when material costs are the main priority.

Pure CO2 provides very deep weld penetration, which is useful for welding thick material; however, it also produces a less stable arc and more spatter than when it is mixed with other gases. It is also limited to only the short circuit process. You will get a cleaner weld using our Agron 5 mix,

Carbon dioxide is suitable for a wide range of applications other than welding; our Industrial grade cylinder can be used for hydroponics and aquatics.

All our cylinders are 100% HSE compliant, fully tested and labelled for easy identification.

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Product Description

  • Water Capacity - 25L
  • Approx. Height - 1200mm
  • Approx. Diameter - 150mm
  • Approx. Gross Weight - 45kg
  • Approx. Nominal Contents – 15kg
  • Approx. Fill Pressure - 55bar - 725psi
  • Outlet Valve - BS No.8 0.860 RH EXT
  • Shipping Class - 2.2 (UN1013)

25 litre CO2 Cylinder sizes and weights are approximate and can vary.

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Weight 45 kg


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