Where can I use my cabinet heater?

The key to positioning your portable gas heater safely is to choose a spacious and well-ventilated room. Any furniture, curtains or other combustible materials should be arranged at least 1 metre away from the heater to prevent the risk of any items overheating and causing a fire. Many people choose to use their portable gas heater in their living rooms as this is where they spend most of their time at home and can benefit most from the heat provided. This is also often the most suitable room for use; providing the appliance with the space and oxygen levels it needs to function correctly.

For safety reasons we would specifically advise against locating your portable gas heater in any of the following locations:

Your garage or shed

For some, the thought of using a portable gas heater in their garage or garden shed can be appealing, particularly if they are spending time working in these chilly locations. However, with various flammable materials being commonly stored here, it is vital to never use a portable gas heater in these areas.

Bathrooms or showers

Warming your bathroom or shower room during the colder months can be an attractive thought, but we recommend against the use of a portable gas heater in these rooms. This is due to their size, which is often too small to offer sufficient ventilation for a gas appliance.

Your bedroom

Although tempting, never position your portable gas heater in any bedrooms in your home, as there is often an abundance of readily-combustible material in these rooms. This includes bedclothes and coverings, curtains, and soft toys; all of which could be at risk of becoming a fire hazard when placed near a portable gas heater.

High rise flats

LPG cylinders should not be used under any circumstances in high rise unstrengthened large panel system built flats. Mobile heaters may only be used in flats of traditional construction with up to four storeys including any basement storey. If you live in a high rise flat of traditional construction above four storeys tall, you must not use portable gas heaters. Many tenancy agreements for these types of property will forbid their use for this reason

Basements of cellars

As LPG vapour is heavier than air any leakage would accumulate in the basement or cellar and would have no means of dispersing. As a result, the storage of LPG cylinders or the usage of LPG appliances in a basement or cellar is not allowed.

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