I’m worried about using a cabinet heater are they safe?

Once your heater is securely connected to your gas bottle and ready for use, it is important to make sure that it is operated safely. The following points outline the main considerations to think about when using your gas heater this winter, follow these points and you will have many years of safe and trouble free use from your cabinet heater:

Always turn your heater off before going to bed or leaving your property.

Ensure all the component parts of your unit are well maintained e.g. the heater, regulator, hose, hose connectors.

Do not use aerosols or flammable cleaning liquids or sprays in close proximity to the heater.

Avoid sitting or standing too close to your heater.

Always ensure that the room in use is well ventilated; if it becomes stuffy open windows and doors to allow fresh air in immediately.

Always follow manufacturer guidelines carefully.

Ensure that the position of your heater is away from any flammable materials and is not blocking any escape routes.

Never place clothes or other items over your heater.

Do not move your unit whilst it is in use.

If you suspect a gas leak or there is a fire follow our emergency guidelines

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