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What are the types of gas fires available?

Radiant heaters Producing heat similar to that of a traditional log fire; portable radiant heaters work by emitting warmth that transfers to the objects surrounding it. They can be used to heat a variety of rooms and spaces, but mustn’t be used in basements, cellars, bedrooms, bathrooms or garages. It is best to avoid their…
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Where can I use my cabinet heater?

The key to positioning your portable gas heater safely is to choose a spacious and well-ventilated room. Any furniture, curtains or other combustible materials should be arranged at least 1 metre away from the heater to prevent the risk of any items overheating and causing a fire. Many people choose to use their portable gas…
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I’m worried about using a cabinet heater are they safe?

Once your heater is securely connected to your gas bottle and ready for use, it is important to make sure that it is operated safely. The following points outline the main considerations to think about when using your gas heater this winter, follow these points and you will have many years of safe and trouble…
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