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Why do you not charge rentals on your cylinders?

Here at Chorley Bottle Gas Ltd we own all our high pressure cylinders. We do not have to charge you rental prices as demanded by the big national companies such as BOC, Air Liquide, Linde Gas, Air Products and Energas. With us you never pay a penny in rentals. Simply pay for your gas along with…
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How many balloons will I get out of your cylinders?

Please see the charts below [table td1="Diameter of Balloons" td2="3.5L" td3="10L" td4="20L" td5="30L" td6="50L"] [td1] 8[/td1] [td2]130 [/td2] [td3] 375[/td3] [td4] 750[/td4] [td5] 1125[/td5] [td6] 1875[/td6] [td1] 9[/td1] [td2]100[/td2] [td3] 290[/td3] [td4] 580[/td4] [td5] 870[/td5] [td6] 1450[/td6] [td1] 10[/td1] [td2]60[/td2] [td3] 200[/td3] [td4] 400[/td4] [td5] 600[/td5] [td6] 1000[/td6] [td1] 11[/td1] [td2]50[/td2] [td3] 160[/td3] [td4] 320[/td4]…
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My gas isn’t lasting long, what should I do?

Perform a check on your system for leaks, if a leak cannot be found it may be that you have your flow rate set too high. Make sure you turn the cylinder off by its valve when you are finished using it, as even a small leak can empty your cylinder over time. Helium molecules…
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